Aza’s 2 Line Review – Hugo – A Cinematic Tour De Force. Martin Scorsese’s 2nd Best Director Oscar Guaranteed.

Maybe it’s because I am the biggest Martin Scorsese nut on the planet. Maybe it’s because so many family films rely on a gimmick or effects to cover holes in storytelling. Or maybe it’s because it was nothing like I expected. Hugo is a cinematic Tour De Force – it is one of the most lovingly created films in recent memory, every scene is as close to a work of art that I’ve seen and the 3D is spectacular. This is a film for everyone, a film for film lovers, a film to be devoured. I cannot rave about this enough – don’t miss it – and see it in 3D for this truly is the most sumptuous use of the technology since Avatar. May Martin live for ever and may Hugo give him the Best Director Oscar this year because WOW is the only word I can use for the film. WOW!