Aza’s 2 Line Review – 3d Priest – Judge Dredd + Vampires.

Scott Stewarts 2nd major directorial effort after 2009’s ‘LEGION’ (which also starred Paul Bettany) is a graphic novel adaptation. It has all the earnestness of UNDERWORLD, all the post apocalyptic set design of BOOK OF ELI, JUDGE DREDD and every other desolate wasteland movie you could think of. The narrative structure is identical to JUDGE DREDD but instead of being cops the ruling class of PRIESTS are vampire hunters.

The gory action is kinetic and moves really well but its all hindered by a really ordinary screenplay and not a hell of a lot to do for anyone but look tense and jump around as they fight digital vampires (which are more like wild dogs). Performances are all serviceable and its not offensive in any way – it just lacks that zap that the original BLADE had.

The 3D elements are only mildly effective and it really doesn’t add anything to proceedings.

The opening and closing credit sequence animations are outstanding though and it’s worth checking that out.


PRIEST is available on BLU RAY, DVD and Download now.