Aza’s 2 Line Review – LMFAO Sorry For Party Rocking – Sugar Pop Disco That’s As Fun As It Is Instantly Forgettable. A Robotic Exercise In Modern Pop.

LMFAO dominated the charts last year with the highest selling single ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and this album that blitzed the charts. For a party album it is serviceable and catchy, serving up radio friendly confections track after track but that big asset is also the albums biggest weakness. Every track ostensibly is constructed exactly the same way, the vocal setup and rap sequences are all on the same pentameter and are structured identically. So it makes it really easy to pick up the low brow lyrics, which are fun, and predict where every song is going. Once that happens the songs just blur into each other and the whole thing outstays its welcome pretty quickly.

It’s easy to see why kids love it and for summer 2011-2012 it’s the album to have  – but this puppy will date fast and this summer will be about it.