Aza’s 2 Line Review – Red State – Kevin Smiths Finest Hour. A Wholly Engrossing & Unnerving Experience.

Kevin stop doing comedies and stick to writing thrillers with comedic elements. Why? Because you’re so damn good at it. RED STATE is, by far, Kevin Smith’s best feature. Tautly constructed, surprisingly well shot (in consideration that most of Smith’s previous films don’t have much flair in the way of cinematography) and deftly directed. This is the most confident film Smith has ever made.

Add to that the knock out performance of Michael Parks ably supported by Indie Queen Melissa Leo and enduring star John Goodman. What you get is a story thats shocking, funny, uncomfortable and all a little bit too real in many aspects.

Don’t Miss This.

RED STATE Releases On Blu-Ray, DVD & Download MARCH 22, 2012.