Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Thing 2011 – A Guilty Pleasure. Like The Thing Itself It Mimics Itself.

Horror films, especially horror film remakes or reboots or sequels, are always butchered by critics  for their lack of originality but by definition alone if you’re making a copy or off shoot of an old idea how can you be completely original with it? The answer is: you can’t.

THE THING 2011 copped a lot of flack for the lack of originality in its plotting and similarities to the John Carpenter 1980 classic. I can see why it got the criticism but as an effects driven horror the film actually does work well enough. The set up is the same as the original, although this one happens before it, a bunch of Ice Bunnies in Antarctica dig up an alien and it runs rampant through their little outpost killing everything, everyone and assuming their identities. The biggest hook in both films is the element of trust – a device not used as effectively in any other horror franchise – and this new one is no exception.

Yes you know where this is going before it starts and you can tick the boxes for the killing order but to criticise that would take out most of the fun as the effects work and gore factor are top notch here. Its sinewy, bloody, bony messes are the trump card and it succeeds admirably.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead does her best ‘Ellen Ripley’ as the lead in this all male cast and Aussie Joel Edgerton is serviceable enough in his role.

THE THING is a switch your brain off and have a gory good time in the cold horror.

THE THING releases on Blu Ray & DVD on February 9, 2012 in Australia.