‘The Devil Inside’ Cracks $34m+ On Opening Weekend In The U.S.

In what’s the biggest opening weekend for the year (well yeah ok we’re only 1 week in but it sounds cool), the little ‘found footage’ horror flick ‘The Devil Inside’ smashed the U.S. box office and raked in $34.5m for the 3 days. In comparison, the franchise picture SHERLOCK HOLMES A GAME OF SHADOWS did $40m on it’s opening weekend, so it’s a sensational result for the film – and a hugely profitable one for PARAMOUNT PICTURES.

PARAMOUNT picked up the title for around $1m, did some very cool iPad and iPhone applications and online advertising alongside their above the line campaign. taking into account, also, how strong the Christian religion crowd is in the U.S. (it’d be worth having a look at the top performing regions for the film and I would hazard a guess that the midwest and bible belt are key strengths for its domestic performance). 

Its a great windfall and could very well be the birth of a new franchise.

THE DEVIL INSIDE releases on FEBRUARY 16, 2012 in Australia.