Horror Saves The U.S. Box Office – ‘The Devil Inside’ Scores Big Stateside!

Don’t you love it when ultra low budget features set fire to the box office? Then again, I suppose I should ask if you really care about that sort of stuff? I do. I love it. I loved it when the then indy film PARANORMAL ACTIVITY went on to be an absolute smash worldwide, or when a tiny little indy flick out of Sundance Film Festival called LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE was picked up by Fox Searchlight and became an international sensation. Well it’s happened again with the Paramount Pictures acquisition (i.e. they bought the finished film) THE DEVIL INSIDE setting a cracking pace for it’s opening day which is going to finish up around that US$12m mark for the day – which should mean it will translate to a US$28m-US$30m weekend for the micro budget horror picture.

This is great news for the country and the genre as horror – which is usually a staple performer for the U.S. domestic market – has really suffered, outside of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 & INSIDIOUS,  in 2011 with Fright Night, Shark Night and Final Destination 5 all performing to underwhelming results. But the fans are back and swooping in to watch the possession horror flick in strong numbers!

And what a continued winning streak for Paramount Pictures after coming off a record breaking $5b+ year in 2011 and turning 100!

Paramount Pictures are releasing the film in AUSTRALIA on FEBRUARY 16, 2012.