Kimberley Peirce Is Prime Candidate To Direct “Carrie” Remake

Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ is already a cinematic classic from Brian De Palma back in 1976. The film made Sissy Spacek a superstar and featured a very young John Travolta, William Katt, Amy Irving, Piper Laurie and Nancy Allen. The story of a nerdy girl blessed with telekinetic powers who gets bullied and exacts revenge in the most spectacular of ways is a rite of passage for any horror film aficionado.

Well, proving that we are in a landscape of reboots, remakes and sequels – “Carrie” is next up for a reboot and none other than ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ director Kimberley Peirce is being sought to direct the picture.

No casting news has been made and the film will release sometime in 2013.