Aussie Holiday Box Office Battlefield Top Ten 2011!

With The Boxing Day Releases in full swing here in Australia it’s a good time to jump in and have a look at how the juggernauts of summer are performing!

#1 – THE ADVENTURES OF TIN TIN THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN Swings it’s way into first place in what’s a major win for Paramount Pictures & DreamWorks. Going head to head with franchise films releasing on more screens, TIN TIN has grossed $6.2m since its release on boxing day off 252 screens. Its a phenomenal result for the franchise starter!





#2 – HAPPY FEET 2 earns its keep by smashing it’s way into 2nd place and what with the major holiday event days now behind us, you can expect this little penguin movie to consistently perform. Raking in $4.3m since its boxing day release, off 289 screens, its a fantastic performance for the Village Roadshow Pictures release and of all the titles it is this one that has the biggest battle as from today you have ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED entering the market, along with PUSS IN BOOTS still doing cracking business.




#3 – MISSION IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL. If ever there was a title this Christmas that has surprised industry and public its this one. The staying power of this 4th entry into the M:I series is sensational and of 241 screens its now cracked $12m and surpassed the lifetime gross of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3. The film has alos now surpassed $300m internationally and shows no signs of slowing down. It will be one to watch when the highly praised SHERLOCK HOLMES A GAME OF SHADOWS releases thursday. That being said the film should easily hit the $18m mark before it ends its run and become the 2nd highest grossing entry in the series.




#4 – TOWER HEIST – This Ben Stiller Eddie Murphy action comedy has taken in $3.8m off 200 prints since opening on Boxing Day. Playing to that slightly older demographic and proving that both Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy can open a film here, this non franchise entry (the first in the top 10) should respectably crack $10-$12m before finishing its cinema run. That is, unless SHERLOCK HOLMES A GAME OF SHADOWS has anything to say about it!




#5 – WAR HORSE you just can’t keep Spielberg down – with both his films opening in the top ten this drama, that screams Oscar Bait!. has really forged its own off 243 screens by taking in $3.6m since Boxing Day. If you think about this in terms that the film is just under 150 minutes long and will therefore have less sessions than most other films in play its a solid achievement! Driving the discerning crowd, WAR HORSE should remain steadfast in the upscale complexes and have a long shelf life in cinema. This should easily crack that priceless $10m box office total in Australia before it bows out.




#6 – WE BOUGHT A ZOO shows that Matt Damon has star power in what is essentially the first femme skew entry in the boxing day openers. Coming it at $2.7m since boxing day off 242 screens. Probably a little softer than expectations but with the added advantage of nothing else in the market catering to that audience that is new (outside of NEW YEARS EVE), WE BOUGHT A ZOO should be able to perform consistently until the release of the George Clooney starrer THE DESCENDANTS in a couple of weeks. Lifetime on this one looks like a solid $8m.




#7 – THE IRON LADY or the semi wide release that roared, boasting the highest screen average in the country (or each print is earning more money than any other film in the market place) this Meryl Streep showboat was always going to fire here. Off 117 prints it’s done $2.7m since Boxing Day, or to put that in perspective its done the same level of business as WE BOUGHT A ZOO on half the number of prints, and will be the highest grossing limited release film of the summer. This will also have a long shelf life as demand for this in our territory will be high long into February and post Oscars and it’s inevitable best actress win.




#8 – PUSS IN BOOTS since it’s release back on December 8 this new franchise animation has snaffled $12.9m in box office off 270 prints. Its a smashing result and a guarantee that, like the huge international gross on the film, that this will be the first of many adventures with the titular Cat hero! It faces staggering competition to stay on now with HAPPY FEET 2, ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 3 and in 10 days THE MUPPETS coming in to target the youngsters. Either way its a cracker and what a performance in Aus!




#9 – NEW YEARS EVE – all hats off to Roadshow Films on the performance of this film, it’s smashed U.S. Pro rata here and in a holiday landscape of really big films, they’ve managed to hold their own to drive this film, which released on Dec 8, to a cracking $9.5m so far. The film will finished around that $11m mark and proves once again that Aussies love their rom coms.




#10 – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART ONE 7 weeks into the release and these fangers are still showing. Sitting at $28.5m to date, this twilight fan club has such perennial resilience to hold ground against a wall of new openers. Hoyts Distribution, who released the film here, did a magnificent job in working the film and it should finish it’s run around $29.2m.





Sources: MPDAA, IBOE