Aza’s Thoughts – Top 5 Films Of 2011

Now This is a tough one so I’m gonna put a list of notable mentions after the top 5 because this year saw some real crackers roll out.

5. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN – Much like the sheer elation I got from watching PIRANHA in 2010, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is the perfect example of exploitation cinema. Diesgracefully violent, over the top and totally tongue in cheek this ultra low budget festival favourite is not for everybody but it is so entertaining that it needs to be mentioned.

4. HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART TWO – What a cracking finale, engrossing and reverential I found this film to be the ultimate in the series and what a swansong for David Yates. The emotion is palpable, the visuals spectacular and its respect to its source is 2nd to none. Worthy of the highest grossing film of the year it really was worth the wait.

3. 13 ASSASSINS – Miike’s Samurai epic is a spectacular, dazzling and dirty experience. Gorgeously shot and with a production design as staggering as the final battle sequence, this no holds barred action film puts you right in the middle of it all and is a mesmerising cinema experience.

2. THE ARTIST – (Aus release Feb 2, 2012) This silent movie that is topping the best film lists around the world is such a charming and beautifully made film that everyone should go and see it. It’s knowing nod to silent movies coupled with two central performances that shine, it has everything in it – laughs, thrills, romance, an insanely cute dog and dance numbers! Expect this to be the front runner for best picture at the 2012 oscars.

1. WEEKEND – (Aus release Jan 26, 2012) Andrew Haigh’s intimate little conversational romance between two men transcends its orientation to become more of an insight into modern relationships. Played with effortless naturalism by Tom Cullen and Chris New, if anyone brands this just another gay movie you’re missing the point completely. This is a love story for adults, men and women alike, and it shouldn’t be missed. The perfect example of what happens when you a shoestring budget but what you capture is a story that no visual effects or dazzling staging can outshine.

Notable Mentions: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, X-Men First Class, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Le Havre, Buck, Take Shelter, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, Puss In Boots, Kung Fu Panda 2, New Kids Turbo, Armadillo, Tears Of Gaza, A Separation, Kill List, We Were Here, Elena, Les Giantes, Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, Ides Of March, Drive