Aza’s Thoughts – The Best TV Shows Of 2011

Hey Hey Sportsfans well the year is at an end and looking over the airwaves at what graced our screens at home it was a year where reality television dominated the population. For me, though, I’m not a reality TV fan so none of them made my list. (I cringe and squirm at the thought of singing contests, geeky people and contestants cooking to let 3 overweight guys eat and judge them – it’s just a me thing). So looking at what was on offer here are my top 5 shows of 2011.

5. SPICKS & SPECKS – How can you not list it? Although the show is now put to bed Adam Hills musical trivia show, which scored legions of fans and sparked a national farewell tour, became something more of a catching up with friends and having a laugh than a game show. A truly enjoyable Aussie show and it will be sorely missed.

4. PARKS & RECREATION – Amy Poehler’s comedy vehicle about a wildlife ranger that echoes the same set up as The Office has no right to be as consistently funny as it is. With Rob Lowe, Adam Scott and a host of others joining on this comedy show it’s the awkwardness and irreverent situations that keep this puppy propelling and makes it the best comedy surprise since 30 ROCK.

3. BOARDWALK EMPIRE – Letting Steve Buscemi be a mobster in a Martin Scorsese produced prohibition set mafia show is a license to print gold as far as I am concerned. Lavishly produced, suitably violent and effortlessly engaging, I still miss THE SOPRANOS so seeing this is a cracking antidote!

2. DOWNTON ABBEY – Delicious UK period drama that’s as naughty as it is proper. This show was a MASSIVE hit here in Australia and globally, and it’s worth it just to watch Maggie Smith radiate the screen. Soap Opera of the highest order disguised as old school English drama – its as close to GOSFORD PARK the TV show you’re likely to get to.

1. BREAKING BAD – No surprises here – it’s been voted the best TV show of the year from pretty much any and everyone. There hasn’t been a TV show quite like it and in it’s 4th season, which is as stunning as every one prior, it’s the only show on TV that just gets better and better. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who lead the cast, deliver award winning performances episode after episode in what would have to be the most dynamic and intelligent drama on television in the last 15 years. If you’ve not seen it – get on it – but a warning – this is not a show that you can just watch one episode and wait a week for the next one – it’s a show to be devoured and it will hook you like no other show has.