TV Update – And The Axe Falls on “Hung”, “Bored To Death” & “How To Make It In America”

Oh the TV business can be a brutal one – and with the dynamic resurgence of television thanks to channels such as HBO, AMC, FOX etc etc TV productions bear almost the some budgets as major studio films these days. Vying for those precious ratings and, in turn, advertising spends into their shows time slots – TV can be a fruitful ground for concept shows but it can also be a brutal death dealing slaughterhouse for those that can’t find an audience.

HBO has announced that such a demise has befallen 3 shows  – the critically well received comedy “Hung” , the ascerbic comedy “Bored To Death” and “How To Make It In America”. All 3 comedies, all in their 3rd seasons, have been given the chop off the slate. Particularly sad is the loss of HUNG, the highest rater of the 3 losses, which picked up another Golden globe nomination for its lead actor Thomas Jane.

The Laura Dern black comedy “Enlightened”, which has been rating softly but garnering massive critical praise, remains on the go for another season.