Aza’s 2 Line Review – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – A Cracker! Tom’s Back In Form But Brad Bird Is The True Hero Of This Film

Ain’t I mister upbeat review guru of late! Well the rollercoaster keeps going with MI Ghost Protocol which shifts it into high gear for tough assed action and break neck pacing. The IMAX sequences are stunningly gorgeous to look at and for my money this is the new rejuvenator of cinema and not 3D. Tom Cruise shifts himself back into action hero leading man of old, he’s tough, punchy and urgent. But for me this is Brad Bird, director of the animated classics THE IRON GIANT and THE INCREDIBLES, who really takes the flag – his action sequences are almost faultless and his linear direction drives this pumping actioner to great heights. Much like the unbelievably underated MI3 (if you haven’t seen it – get on it as it rocks) this edition proves there’s life left in this franchise and man it’s nice to have a big screen action flick like this around!