New Clip – Lou Reed & Metallica ‘The View’ Directed By Darren Aronofsky

Here’s the first video from the universally despised concept album ‘Lulu’ from Lou Reed & Metallica. It’s a lazy film clip signatured by an ugly, achingly lazy ‘song’. Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream) really didn’t have much to work with here and I would imagine that time constraints would’ve seen this shot, chopped and published pretty quickly. Blurred, out of focus shots try to make interesting a 3.45m song that sadly drags laboriously through one of the dullest riffs James Hetfield has ever written.

You may love it – I don’t know – I didn’t get anything out of it. What did you think?

THE VIEW lyrics written by Lou Reed & Metallica.

I have no morals
Some think me cheap
And someone who despises
The normalcy of heartbreak
The purity of love

But I worship the young
And just formed angel

Who sits upon the pin of lust
Everything else
Bores me
I want to see your suicide
I want to see you give it up
Your life of reason
I want you on the floor
And in a coffin your soul shaking
I want to have you doubting
Every meaning you’ve amassed
Like a fortune

Oh throw it away

For worship someone
Who actively despises you

For worship someone
Who actively despises you

I am the root
I am the progress
I’m the aggressor
I am the tablet
These ten stories