Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl Sunday Feb 5 2012 Halftime Show (NBC USA)

Yes that 53 year old megastar will be hitting the stage for the half time show of the NFL’s big night, which is also the highest watched live telecast show in the United States averaging more that 20,000,000 viewers (or almost the entire population of Australia), which falls two days after the release for her first feature film directorial effort ‘W.E.’.

Madonna will be working with Cirque De Soliel and Jamie King on the show which will surely be a visual spectacular. She is currently finishing her new album that will be released in 2012.

Acts such as THE BLACK EYED PEAS, THE WHO, USHER, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JANET JACKSON have all walked the halftime show stage at the Super Bowl.

The Question Is… What song/s will Madonna play?

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the song ‘White Heat’ is just my favourite Madge song and I needed an/any excuse to put it up and this story gave it to me..