Aza’s Two Line Album Review – MYLO XYLOTO – Coldplay – An Assured Edition For Coldplay. No Major Risks Taken Here & It’s Infinitely More Enjoyable For It.

Echoing “Viva La Vida” in many respects, Mylo Xyloto is Coldplay’s driving ambition on show – the ambition to be big arena performers. Many of the tracks instantly lend themselves to be lifted onto many a film soundtrack, commercial and dissected for TV shows. There’s loads of catchy hooks and motivating sequences to keep you churning through the album – mixing and production is 2nd to none even if the echo effect on Chris Martin’s vocals is a bit over used.

It doesn’t have the flair that Viva La Vida has as its really come out of the ripples from that album molded to form more commercial releases. That’s not a negative statement, Mylo Xyloto is a safer musical outing than that album, it’s a chance to get new fans and re-engage the die hards… Which is what this will do.


‘Paradise’ is the first official single from MYLO XYLOTO