More Reboot News – Tomb Raider – Lara’s Coming Back!

Tis True – Lara Croft is on her way back to the big screen in an origin story that has just had its script completed. This comes in time for the new game reboot that Square Enix has completed (Check out my next post for the seriously beyond amazing teaser of that game) and for those thirsting for more from this ass-kicking femme Indiana Jones. Mark Fergus & Hawt Oksby wrote the new script, and if those names mean nothing to you these are the boys that wrote the original IRON MAN script (insert tres kewl here). That certainly gives this edition greater buoyancy!

No word as yet on who will play Lara Croft or if Angelina Jolie will appear (highly doubtful I would say) but bring it on! TOMB RAIDER goes into production in 2012.