Aza’s Two Line Review – PIRANHA 3D – The Funniest Film Of 2010. Haven’t Laughed That Hard Since The Naked Gun!

Anyone who takes Alexandre Aja’s tongue in cheek reboot of the 1978 classic ‘Piranha’ as a straight up horror film is missing the point entirely. This intentionally B Grade nod to the Roger Corman classic is sincerely one of the funniest, silliest, boobiest and goriest comedies going around and for all of its 83 minutes it’s a riot to watch.

What, I think, confused people was the cells used to promote the picture. On the left is the Australian / US cell and on the right is the French. The French one gets the tone of the film bang on, cheesy, sexy, smart alick style and a relfection to the Piranha poster of old.

But seriously don’t miss this flick, you’ll see Big Boobies Galore! mauled body parts. eyes gouged out, pee pees bitten off, people flailed, ripped in half, scalped, devoured and walls and walls of blood. Oh, and it’s worth watching for Eli Roth getting decapitated.

Do yourself the favour – check it out at least once!