‘The Full Monty’ Director To Helm ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’

Talk about a movie that’s been on the boiler for a while now, Bridget Jones’ Baby aka Bridget Jones III has been going through a bit of a troubled conception of late. Paul Feig, director of BRIDESMAIDS, was rumoured to have signed on to direct the film – which would’ve been a massive coup for the production, but that has fallen through.

In some better news Peter Cattaneo, director of the global runaway smash THE FULL MONTY, has stepped up to the plate and (with every pun intended) will be taking BRIDGET JONES’ BABY to full term… Yep that even felt crappy as I wrote it..

Your favourites are returning with RENEE ZELLWEGER, HUGH GRANT and COLIN FIRTH all signed on to be a part of it. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in January 2012.

Check out the trailer to the original to film.