Aza’s Two Line Review – Boy & Bear – Moonfire – Australian Music Is Alive & Well! An Infectious, Humble, Gorgeously Constructed Album!

Outside of their wins at the ARIAS, and deservedly so, this effortlessly listenable album from one of Australia’s newest headliners owes a nod to the U.S. band Midlake – which is a great compliment. A bit more progressive than the Midlakers and just as infectious, 2011 has been a spectacular year for Australian Music and Boy & Bear’s Moonfire certainly proves it. The song constructions, their choral elements and the thumping bass that drives the tracks make BOY & BEAR a band to watch. For those Overseas readers who are kickin’ in for the first time into Aussie music – here’s a nice place to start indeed! There’s some nice passive angst underneath the mellow tunes that give the songs a bit more edge and longevity. The biggest thing, though, outside of all the technical mumbo jumbo I could prattle on about is that they sound like they love to play music – love to play it together and love to play for an audience. Grab yourself a copy – you won’t regret it – Welcome to Australian Music in 2011!

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