Hi Guys & Gals, amidst all the fun and rampant silliness that is The Lowdown Under I’d just like to take this moment to remind everybody that tomorrow (December 1) is WORLD AIDS DAY.  It’s currently estimated the over 33 million people worldwide are infected with HIV/AIDS virus and that 90% of these infections were caused by sexual content.

In your lifetime you will know someone with HIV/AIDS. Rather than fear it – let’s face off with it, it wants to kill us with extreme prejudice, I say lets show it the same courtesy!

Start Swinging! Buy The Ribbon! Raise Awareness! Honour The Lost & Let’s Tell AIDS It Has No Place In Our Lives!

This from AVERT.ORG

At the end of 2009 an estimated 20,171 people were living with an HIV diagnosis in Australia.

From the start of the epidemic until the end of 2009, there have been 29,395 diagnoses of HIV and 10,446 diagnoses of AIDS. Australia has recorded 6,776 AIDS deaths.

Whatever your persuasion lads – put a sock on it.