Harry Potter Films To Be Pulled From Circulation Starting Dec 29, 2011?

HARRY POTTER, the highest grossing film franchise in box office history, whose last entry is the 3rd highest grossing film of all time has brought billions of dollars to the box office, spawned amusement parks, countless merchandising spin offs and made a home in the cultural landscape is about to become a hard to find commodity soon. Deadline & Collider are reporting Warner Bros are intending to stop distribution on the series kicking off from December 29th Stateside.

This is a pretty tight window considering the 8 Film Collectors Set goes on shelves on November 11, 2011 in The U.S., even that is reported to be on the stop list as well. So what does this mean – well it’s a step that isn’t new – Disney does this all the time – take films off the shelves and rotationally re-release them on a perennial cycle to re-invigorate the franchise value and increase the perceived value of each edition..

It will also mean by announcing this cessation of supply you’ll find a market “panic” reaction – and the units will sell faster so consumers don’t miss out. This will certainly be the case with the 8 disc complete set which will no doubt be in most christmas stockings this year. Harry won’t ever leave the market – he’ll just dart off for a quick break, a costume change (repackaging) and probably come back a little fatter (special features, updated formatting and digital grading) as the years roll on!