Bryan Singer To Direct A New ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Feature Film

Yes BSG Fans it’s true, the man who legitimised comic book heroes with X-Men, who validated how reverential cinema can have class with SUPERMAN RETURNS, who proved you can be extremely intelligent and still be commercial with THE USUAL SUSPECTS and who restored said X-MEN franchise with FIRST CLASS is helming a feature film version of one of the best TV shows around: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Singers version, based on a John Orloff script which in turn is based on the 1978 TV series (say that 5 times really fast), is setting up shop over with the good people at Universal Pictures.

The recent 4 season resurgence of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA drew huge ratings, fans and critical praise, and rightly so – the show was amazing – and the news that Singer will be involved in a feature film is pure icing on the cake!