Aza’s Two Line Movie Review – Paranormal Activity 3 – We’ve Walked These Halls Before But It Still Works As Effectively As It Ever Did. Better Than It Had Any Right To Be.

In a story structure that follows the others to the letter you’d expect to be bored or immune to the cheap scare tactics at play here, but somehow this little fright fest works.

The 80’s setting is a real bonus, some of the costumes are even more frightening than the big bad itself, and the kitsch of the era is captured nicely.

Yeah the concept is now getting a bit tired, especially when it exists in a market where it’s been ripped off multiple times, but this 3rd outing still manages to drum up a few scares and a few laughs along the way.

Way more entertaining than it should have ever been, if they were to stop the franchise here it’d be ending it on a high!