Rugby World Cup Semi Final Australia Vs New Zealand Watched By 44.18% Of The New Zealand Population!

There’s no doubt that Aussies are mad about sport, we are, completely and utterly mental about it… But Then There’s NEW ZEALAND. It’s always astonishing how NZ embrace their sports, the go crazy for it and the Semi Final of the World Cup Rugby on Sunday night, where the ALL BLACKS annihilated Australia, proves just how mad for their sports the country is.


1.9 million viewers in New Zealand tuned in to watch the match in their home country, and with a population just over 4.3 million that’s a cracking 44.18% of the land of the great white cloud. You can safely bet that this was the highest rating televised show of the year for the country too.


In Australia roughly 3.3 million viewers tuned in via free to air, FOX sports and delayed telecasts it is estimated. The Grand Final between NEW ZEALAND and FRANCE is this weekend – will it stop the nation?? I Think So!!